Bikepacking is a sport that is rooted in efficiency. Whether you are racing or riding for fun, when you are in the field and living on the trail the goal is to minimize transition times. When it rains and you need to grab your rain coat in order to continue riding, you want to be able to stop pedaling and not have to pull all of your items out of your bag to find what you need. In addition to efficiency, durability is priority when bikepacking. Making sure you are traveling with products that you trust gives you confidence on the trail to travel far from your car without any means of support. The Bedrock Entrada handlebar bag allows for efficiency and confidence on the trail, which goes a long way. Bedrock Bags and Packs has been in the bikepacking bag game since 2011, and was officially established in 2012. The owner, Andrew Wracher, has been sewing for over a decade and had his start with Misty Mountain Threadworks making climbing harnesses and crash pads. After discovering bikepacking for the first time years ago he knew he had to try it. His first major project was to craft an entire kit for himself. Bedrock prides their brand on providing the highest quality products. He understands that gear will certainly take a beating in the backcountry, and he has engineered his products in a way that makes them built to last. We were able to test the Bedrock Entrada with Pocket thoroughly through the winter as well as this spring in the desert. I will spare you most of the technical details as we covered a lot of that in our first look of the product back in December. However, I wanted to divulge more information into the function, technicality, and overall performance of the bag. The Entrada handlebar bag is a unique, one of a kind product and bedrock did a wonderful job with this design. To refer back to the idea of efficiency while bikepacking, Bedrock hit the nail on the head with this one.
Bedrock Entrada
The way I had the pocket folded here was not for the utmost water proofing capabilities, the black flap must be folded over once prior to attaching the Velcro. See images below.
Technical Construction The Entrada was designed with multiple connection points to provide the utmost cohesion of the bag to the bike. The bag is narrow, which allows you to have options as to whether it can sit within, above, or below your cables to allow for the best positioning. The main compartment of the bag is open on two ends with dry bag style closures including Velcro. When packing the bag, you are to fold up and clip one end closed, and pack from the other end. You can choose to pack the bag either on of the bike, or off the bike. I packed it off of the bike before going out, but while I was on the trail, I would pack it directly on the bike to save time. Bedrock EntradaOnce the bag is packed, you can then attach it to the bike. There are multiple connection points including a strap on either end of your stem on the bars, as well as a strap that connects around your head tube. Once the bag is mounted you are to unbuckle your dry bag style closures on each end, and connect them to the integrated buckles which are sewn in to the front and back side of the bag. These buckles act as compression straps to really bring the bag from a lengthy tube, to a more compressed and solid compartment. Please see the video at the bottom for visual aid. Although this mounting and packing process may seem complex, after you have done it once, it is a very simple moving forward. You will be extremely happy with the function if mounted correctly. The Entrada can be used with or without the pocket attachment. The pocket is constructed with a zipper-less folding closure which creates an extremely waterproof pouch when folded correctly. It is attached by using two one wrap loops around your handlebars. Once connected, you will have one final option for ensuring optimal compression and sturdiness by connecting the included straps around the entire bag, and pulling tight. The pocket is designed to sit rather high on the bag, however, can be adjusted to fit different styles of bars. I used the Entrada on the White Rim with Jones H-Bars and it worked flawlessly.

Above is the proper way to fold the pocket closure for optimal weather proofing. 

Function I will describe my most recent experience using the Entrada on the White Rim in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. I was able to pack my Marmot Alpinist bivvy, light weight Salomon down coat, Melanzana hoodie, warm hat, long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, knee warmers and an extra pair of socks in the main compartment of the bag. It was roughly the width of my handle bars prior to being compressed, and after compression it shrunk about 3 inches on either side. This is probably one of the most solid handlebar bags I have ever used. Through bumpy terrain, I didn’t even notice it was there. There was very little movement of the bag. In the attached pocket I packed a lot of extra food. I was able to fit over 2,000 calories of food in this pocket alone. It would also be an excellent spot for electronics due to its water resistant capabilities, however, I did not bring anything other than my phone on the trip. Bedrock Entrada One thing to mention about the Entrada with Pocket was the amount of straps which connected to the handlebars. Although this created a solid attachment to the bike, it made it difficult to find space on the bars to attach my stem bags. However, I was able to make double use out of some of the one wrap in these cases. Overall Performance I was very happy with the amount of gear that the main and pocket compartments held while still maintaining a sleek and compact size. As stated above, I honestly forgot it was there until I made it to camp at night. The overall ease of access to the bag was a huge bonus for those quick transitions on the trail. The Bedrock Entrada with pocket proved to be efficient and durable in many conditions.  Through rocky terrain, there was no noticeable movement when attached properly to the bike. I was very confident will this bag on the trail and it will be used on many more trips to come.


  1. Jaime Velo

    Are those AyUp lights I see in the pics?

  2. Any thoughts on this bag with dropbar handlebars?

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      They should work fine, but maybe you should chat with Andrew at Bedrock Bags before your purchase. Our though is because the lateral compression straps bring the bag in, You should be able to tighten them down more then any other bag out there. The bag may interfere if you pack the bag extremely full. If I can find some time, I will test it out for you this weekend. Cheers, Neil

    • Daniel,
      good question. I would recommend the drop bar specific version of the Entrada. It is slightly narrower and slightly larger in diameter than the standard bag. Give me a shout through the website if you have any other questions.


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