Here is the Alpi del Mare Trail 2015 first year edition ride, a biking adventure to experience “Sea Alps” land, a transnational region situated between France and Italy, the sea and the Ligurian and Maritime Alps. Our event is inspired by Tuscany Trail, the first promoting in Italy the idea of experiencing natural areas by bicycle. We publish a path from the departure to the arrival. Each participant plans his own trip along the path, duration of the trail and date / time of departure, in order to be at the arrival on September 13th. Clearly, such estimation depends on the track, on the physical conditions of the participant and on his approach to the experience, whether it be challenging or relaxed. One can decide to compete with time or to go slowly and enjoy the beauty of the area. The “zero-edition” AdM Trail ends with a collective arrival, an opportunity for the participants to meet each other and share feelings and thoughts about their experience. The participants should arrive at the finish on September 13th, where they will find a welcome party in their honor. Program of the event, rules, benefits for participants and info about the registration card will be communicated in the coming weeks. Stay in touch. After experiencing the Tuscany Trail in its second edition, the view of the Italian bike paths unsupported with staging bikepacking is being enriched by many imitators. It was recently announced the new “Alpi del Mare Trail” which is part of the circuit UIBA (United Italian Bike Adventure) promoted by Andrea Borchi the creator of Tuscany Trail. To learn more about the event, we spoke with Giampiero De Zanet, hiking & biking guide, and creator of the new bike trail. To start, frame the context where this event takes place? In Italy on the border with France, between the regions of Liguria and Piedmont in Italy, and PACA in France, the territory that extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Alps And that is why the event is named “Alpi del Mare Trail”? Certainly. Alpi del Mare is the name of this cross-border region that spans from the sea to the Alps and travels through several National or Regional Parks or Protected Areas. This is the same name that was presented to the nomination by UNESCO recognition of the territory as universal Humanity Heritage for its natural and geological uniqueness. It’s worth coming to visit. We have seen that this initiative is part of an Italian circuit, UIBA, what do these events have in common? In all these events of the circuit paths is to be done by bicycle, non-competitive, without support from the organizer as well as publication of a track to be followed strictly and the publication of the list of finishers. Alpi del Mare So it’s not a race? Absolutely, there is no competitiveness. This does not prevent, however, that each participant can choose to participate to the best of its ability, in comparison with their limitations and braids also with those of the other data that is released each time finisher. Why do you define “adventure bike”? The content of adventure can be objective and subjective. Objective, with respect to environmental characteristics which the route crosses, places far from the centers by humans, mountains, woods, dirt roads and trails. But also subjective, because each participant can choose for themselves how to deal with the path, the rhythm, the breaks, the rest, all on their own because the event is not supported. Let us now provide some additional detail: when you place and what is the formula? The formula is very simple: you sign up, you receive the official record along with a road book containing useful information to plan your route, you use a GPS device to  record your track to demonstrate that you have the official route, arrival is over the track and is published on the list of finishers. You begin when you want, according to your time and availability, but it is customary to arrange a get-together between organizers and participants in this event, which introduces a novelty: everybody meets on arrival (or finish) rather than on departure. As you have set up a collective arrival or finish time, how will each rider be able to have different route times? Here is one of the of adventure elements that we intended to introduce. Each participant, in relation to the track received and the estimation of his ability and attitude that will follow, will have to estimate backwards the time of departure to arrive on the appointed day arrival, within the day will still have a time window large enough to be able to arrive on time and attend the welcome party in their honor. Which type of bicycle should tackle the course? The route, 250 km with elevation gain of 12,200 meters, is about half on lightly traveled asphalt roads and half on dirt roads formerly used by military, with some trail in downhill: some sections are very rough so a proper MTB, staged for bikepacking. IMG_7058 ‘Fast & Slow’ is one of the subtitles of the event, does this have a special meaning? It alludes to the fact that every participant can interpret the event in their own way at their own pace and interests. But there is another meaning that refers upon arrival, but I do not want to reveal everything – notify the site and in the various forums and FB in which we operate to learn more. When and how can participant register? The registration started on May 20 and continue until 20 August: The early bird registrations (by June 30), enjoy an additional benefit. For further information you can follow the website:, the forum of the Italian group bikepaking: and Facebook page:

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