We all have fanatical dreams about making a living in fairytale locations – sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Founders of Alaska Brewing Company, Marcy and Geoff, found a way to make a livelihood in the last frontier. Bikes and beers go hand in hand in hand – especially bikes and IPAs. Alaska Brewing has whipped up a smooth and unique IPA to please cyclists around the country. Icy Bay IPA is brewed with glacier-fed water and a unique blend of premium hops and malt. The water that is used to brew comes from the 1,500 square mile Juneau Ice Field. The pour is bright and clean, with a bold and thick head. The clarity is of the purest deep golden color. The nose holds light lemon and floral notes. A beer originally brewed with the rough and tumble surfers of the Icy Bay in mind has a very unique taste including a brisk bitterness and a bright, citrusy after taste – while also being rather crisp and dry. The first sip is very refreshing and will spark your taste buds in ways no other IPA has. This beer would pair great with cajun rubbed grilled meats and spicy foods. So, why should you buy it?  Alaskan Brewing is making its move to protect the Pacific Ocean by donating 1% of all proceeds from Icy Bay IPA to the Coastal CODE (because Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone) to promote the health of the Pacific Ocean and its coastlines. So although its brewed for surfers, I think it is rugged enough for bikepackers alike. Bikepacker Friendly: 7/10 (no cans) Aroma: 8/10 Taste: 9/10 Style appropriateness: 9/10

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