Deep in the remote wild of New England lies an enigmatic figure, with piercing eyes like the Night’s King, to which many names are attributed. Boltar Benedict, Poppi, Juan Cool Romance, Turbo Romance—it’s all really beside the point, as it’s his message that’s truly important. It’s a tale told through unbridled, unpretentious adventure. No, he doesn’t ride for Insta-likes, he’s spearheading a movement of living simply and getting out in nature. And even if you’re not daring enough to tromp through the bush to find him, you’re still invited along for the ride. NOTE: We tried, tried, and tried again, but helmets kept melting when placed upon Bene’s head. He’s just too damn hot. That said, we strongly recommend the use of a helmet whilst riding your bicycle. We’ve had a blast with this series, and have enjoyed showcasing adventure riding through its many unique faces, life experiences, and personal philosophies. No matter who you ride with, where you’re going, or what your goals are, we’re stoked to see you on a bicycle and will support you along the way.


  1. Wow, you mean there’s some white guy out there with a crazy ass beard riding his bike in weird random places? I’ve never heard of that before.

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