In this episode, we sync-up with Steve and his buddy Adam Zurn in the timeless red deserts of the American West for an adventure that pushes the boundaries of a bike’s perceived limitations. Fly in to the middle of nowhere, take a Fatboy through the sandy darkness, do a first ascent of a monster crack, rip through narrow slot canyons, discover some left-behind oddities, and pack-raft the Dirty Devil River before calling it a trip.
This is a part of the Adventure Dispatch series brought to you by Specialized. A series of videos that covers adventures of athletes such as Ty Hathaway, Sarah Swallow, Steve Fassbinder, and Ultraromance. Over the next few months Specialized will release short documentary films dedicated to each athlete, as well as how-to videos to teach riders what they need to know – from fixing flats to choosing routes.

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