In this episode we join Sarah for an overnight ride through the Humboldt Redwood State Park. Sarah is an expert when it comes to creative route planning, which is why we’re happy that she decided to share her methodology for sub-24-hour overnight riding (S24O). Take notes or just enjoy the scenery, because you’re about to learn what happens when you saddle-up, slow down, and take notice of the world around you. This is a part of the Adventure Dispatch series brought to you by Specialized. A series of videos that covers adventures of athletes such as Ty Hathaway, Sarah Swallow, Steve Fassbinder, and Ultraromance. Over the next few months Specialized will release short documentary films dedicated to each athlete, as well as how-to videos to teach riders what they need to know – from fixing flats to choosing routes.

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  1. Great video! Good to ride with both of you last month!

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