Rye beers can be rather divisive which makes the name of this offering quite appropriate. It seems that not many people are on the fence when it comes to liking them. I at one point thought I was one of the ones that didn’t, but I have since realized that I just had not yet tried one with the right balance. Divided Sky Rye IPA from 4 Hands Brewing Company is an example of that perfect balance. The rye is there to compliment the flavor, not dominate it. Divided Sky Rye IPAThe pour reveals a wonderfully clear liquid that is a straw-yellow in the light but turns towards orange when not. The head is a frothy snow white which leaves nice lacing as it fades to a thin layer of bubbles shimmering on the surface. The aroma is fairly light but quite pleasant. It combines a citrusy hop aroma with that of a tropical sweetness of pineapple and mango. The sweet and tropical flavors also show up early on the tongue when sipping this medium bodied beer. In combination with this sweetness is a slight hint of saltiness. Sweet malt flavors make a brief appearance, but it’s the hop and rye combination that soon stars. The late flavors and initial aftertaste are slightly citrusy but mostly piney from the hops. There is a hint of the rye initially in the flavor, but it makes itself more pronounced in a long dry finish as the piney/grassy hop flavors slowly fade. And there you have it; a perfect rye balance. As the can suggests, it will pair well with spicy food and blue cheese. I also like bitter dark chocolates and sharp cheddars with beers like this. This beer packs a lot of flavor into 6.5% ABV without being too heavy or filling. It’s a great warm weather beer, and the cans mean it will travel well for outdoor activities. With its nicely balanced hop bite and rye dryness, this beer is definitely worth checking out, even if you think you don’t like rye. Cheers, Alex Aroma: 8/10 Flavor: 8/10 Style Appropriateness: 9/10 Bikepacker Friendly: 10/10

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