The Grand Depart. The only time where every racer will be together. It is the most grand event in the ultra endurance world, especially with 190 or so Tour Divide racers this year. This year was similar to other departure days of the big dance. The sun rose early, it spit with rain, and eventually came down in force later on. 

Kerry from K-Lite Dynamo Powered Lights had planned a trip to America, starting in Banff. He captured some fantastic conversations, the Grand Depart meeting, and racers traveling down the route in a number of different locations. Here is a compilation of his very long day including a few photos the day before.

The Day Before

The Grand Depart Meeting

The morning meeting with Crazy Larry had a bit of humor and a moment of silence for the late endurance legend, Mike Hall. 

Crazy Larry and Jay Petervary sending off riders at the start of the race. Jay would end up starting his individual Time Trial roughly 2 days after the Grand Depart.

Racers On Route

As the day wore on, racers started to endure a steady rain. 

Crazy Larry spent a small fortune on rice crispy treats for the entire field. 
Brett Stepanik knows a thing or two about air guitar.

The first resupply location on the Tour Divide, Boulton Creek. 

For more information on the race thus far, visit our daily updated Tour Divide News page. 
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  1. quillisa richardson

    Wow….great pics….thx so much for sharing!!

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  3. Jealous C

    So cool. Weeks of riding, months of preparation, a lifetime of stories. I see lots of bottle cages mounted to carbon rigid forks. Is there a “best way” to do that without compromising the fork and without having the bottle cage slip down in rocky terrain

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