It’s hard to avoid Fat Bike World Championships as it takes place in our home town of Crested Butte, Colorado, and to miss it would be a disappointment. Last year there were a lot of unknowns, being the inaugural year, but in its second year it flourished and we watched fat bikers take over our town which recently surpassed 200 inches of snow for the season.

It seemed like the snow would never end during a series of storms that was being dubbed snowpocalypse. It was almost like mother nature was looking at the calendar and had Fat Bike Worlds on her radar, because the storms passed, temperatures dropped, and the sold-out event was set to be a weekend of fun in the sun. 

Similar to last year, the festivities started with a kick-off party at the Brick Oven pizzeria in town, and the racing began on Thursday at North Village, which is located northwest of the ski resort. It is a great backdrop for the first day, where nearly 100 racers took on a double-track groomed surface which was a lot of fun, and also difficult. Racers had to pick the best line, especially as the race course deteriorated. After the race was over I went out to test the conditions for myself. It was pretty fun. There were some ruts, but it was almost like mountain biking, you had to pick the best line and focus on keeping your bike upright. Here are some photos from Thursday’s event and the surrounding area.

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-01857
2017 Fat Bike Worlds-01877
2017 Fat Bike Worlds-01893
2017 Fat Bike Worlds-01887
Proudfoot Cycles is a boutique bike manufacturer that is based in Golden, Colorado. They showcased their new full suspension fatty on Thursday. Everyone wanted a peek at this beauty.

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-01883
Bevin and Dan Orlinski know how to ride a tandem.
Not only does brian cook a mean burger, he also hooked us up with 4 bottles for liquor for Saturdays race.
Not only does Bryan cook a mean burger, he also hooked us up with 4 bottles of Coal Creek Distillery whiskey for Saturday’s race.
2017 Fat Bike Worlds-01919
Mid-race spin up Gothic Rd. Unbelievable fat bike terrain.

The main event was on Saturday, where 300 riders took to the start line to take on the firm and wide track that is kindly groomed by the Crested Butte Nordic Center. Lindsay and I had the opportunity to volunteer, and I think we had the best spot, almost at the high point of the course. We danced, drank some whiskey, shot a few photos, but mainly just had a really fun time keeping racers pumped up. Before the race start, I had the pleasure of being the first fat biker on course to make sure it was flagged properly. It was a great way to start the day. Enjoy the sights from Saturday.

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02017
And they are off, the Start looked pretty cool from my volunteer post.
And they’re off. The start looked pretty cool from our volunteer post.
These four were the leaders from the start and through the finish.
These four were the leaders from the start, all the way through to the finish. The top 4 finished in order, from left to right (Nick Gould 4th, Daniel Johnson 3rd, Alex Grant 2nd, Robbie Squire 1st)
2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02053

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02063

This little guy was crushing it all day.
This little guy was crushing it all day.

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02087

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02097

After the lap 1 was complete, it was time to start the party…in true Crested Butte fashion.

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02122

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02129
2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02160

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02192

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02221
We handed out 4 bottles of Coal Creek Distillery whiskey.

2017 Fat Bike Worlds-02232
And thats a wrap, it was one heck of an event.

Congrats to Karen and and Robbie for being world champs – Results:


  1. Kevin Krayna

    Indeed, great pictures that captured the FUN of it all!

  2. Nice! Looks like an awesome event and what an awesome snowy winter you guys are having.

  3. Awesome photos Neil! Certainly captures the spirit of the event. Thanks for sharing a few tandem shots!

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