The 2015 Trans North California bikepacking race departs for its second year on Oct 10, 2015 @ 7am from the California/Nevada state line. Inaugural winner Kurt Sandiforth and 4 others from the 2014 field will comprise the 18 rider pack. Veteran bikepackers Blake Bockius, Sam Harney and Issac Chilton will certainly make the blue dot stalkers stay tuned in for the exploits. There will be a slight deviation to this year’s course due to logging operations in the Jackson Demonstration Forest (JDF) towards the end of the route but still includes all the prime trails in the Woodlands section of the JDF. IMG_0580IMG_0405 TNCA organizers wanted to pull the route off the beaten path as much as possible and it shows in several sections starting with a short hike-a-bike around mile 20. We are very proud to have roughly 75 miles of singletrack and an interminable climb up Goat Mountain in the Mendocino National Forest as part of the 400 mile route. Additionally, logistics requires a calculus degree since it is a point to point race and Mendocino is a small hippy community. If you dig into it however, it isn’t hard to figure out and the organizers provide guidance for the wary. The scenery is breathtaking along the whole route and you can camp or pitch a hammock in limitless places. The route was intended to showcase Northern California’s rich history along one of the immigrant paths through the Sierras that has been used for millennia. It also comes close to Donner Pass, where in the winter of 1846, 39 people lost their lives in gold rush fever.IMG_0667

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Information about TNCA: The 2016 Trans North California rolls out Saturday October 8 at 7am sharp. No fees.

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