Last year Salsa Cycles adapted the Split Pivot suspension technology to complement the revamped Spearfish and Horsethief line ups. This year Salsa introduced carbon frames on both bikes. We were lucky enough to hop on a carbon Spearfish 1, for a test ride…it did not disappoint. Specs The Salsa Spearfish carbon 1 is a beautiful orange machine that is sleek, yet bright enough to catch a few eyes. The bike comes stocked with a Shimano XT drivetrain and XT brakes. Salsa also added their very own hubs laced to Stans Arch rims. Up front is an F29 CTD Performance 100mm Fox fork. In the back is a Fox Float CTD Performance at 80mm of travel, enough travel to easily enjoy some very technical terrain. Salsa Spearfish 1 Geometry The bike has not changed at all from last year other than the new carbon frame option. The head tube is slack enough where you forget you’re on a cross country bike, yet it accelerates better then any bike I have ever been on. The Spearfish comes with a 142×12 rear spacing, tapered head tube, and a PressFit 92 bottom bracket shell. Salsa Spearfish 1 The Ride After riding a Split Pivot 2014 Spearfish all summer, I noticed that the climbing capability hasn’t changed. The Salsa Spearfish can climb like a mountain goat. The Split Pivot helps reduce bob and tracks extremely well, especially in rock gardens or technical sections where you need to keep the rear tire on the ground. It cornered extremely well, yet it was very latterly stiff. The upgrade to carbon makes this bike that much more race friendly, responsive, and efficient. Bikepacker Friendly? Although the carbon version of this bike may scare some folks away from using it for your next trip, think about the long haul. Carbon helps with vibration dampening, and it is sure to help on the last leg of your weekend trip when your upper body is already beat up. The frame is lighter than your standard aluminum Spearfish frame, meaning you can add that extra piece of gear or be that much lighter on your next trip. The rear suspension could be set up to be more bikepacker friendly as the CTD lever tends to interfere with any full frame bag.  Overall, it is a perfect bike for your next overnight adventure. Salsa Spearfish 1

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