Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusionbikepackers gift guide

The Mr Fusion v2 is a harness saddle system that now comes with a completely waterproof dry bag. The system consists of a rack, special seatpost clamp and harness that connect to your saddle. This lets you pack your dry bag off the bike for a snug fit. All you need to do is pack the dry bag and insert it into the harness. This system is great at reducing sway and providing trusty weight distribution. MSRP: $185.00    

Bedrock Entrada Handlebar w/ pocketbikepackers gift guide

The Entrada handlebar bag is a unique, one of a kind product and bedrock did a wonderful job with this design. The Entrada with pocket has the most compression we have ever seen in a handlebar bag and is also one of the most stable. Choose to buy the bag for a regular MTB style bar, or the drop bar specific version. MSRP: $150.00     

Spok Werks Cookie Jar Stem Bagbikepackers gift guide

The Spok Werks Cookie Jar is extremely well thought out and has all of the features you would want without over doing it. Yes, we know there are plenty of stem bags out there, and they are all relatively similar, but after using this bag for many months, it has proven to be one of the more versatile and trustworthy bags we have tested. MSRP: $43.00     

Oveja Negra Snack PackDSC09646

The Oveja Negra Snack Pack is the perfect mid-size, yet compact top tube bag which can hold up to 5 candy bars, plus tools. They use HDPE siding to help the bag keep it shape and maintain great stability. This bag is available in different materials and color options, including our favorite, multi-cam. MSRP: $50.00    

Bedrock Honaker Hydro Packbikepackers gift guide

This accessory bag is designed to attach to your downtube for extra storage when you need it most. It will fit a large or smaller Nalgene, tools, or whatever else you need to bring with you. The bag will keep the crap and grime on the outside, and your belongings clean on the inside. It attaches with Velcro and two webbing straps to make a snug fit even during some rough singletrack on a rigid bike. Bedrock has also designed a Honaker Pack to fit the Vargo Bot. MSRP: $45.00    

bikepackers gift guideBar Fly Bags Banana Hammock

The Bannana hammock is a bag made specifically for the Jones Loop H-Bar. The bag fits flush to the top of the bar, but it does not stop there, it has depth. So much depth that it can hold two beers and change, or perhaps a full water bottle and some. It’s great to store your daily needs. The bag is lightweight and has held up over a long period of time. MSRP: $60



Tailwind Nutritionbikepackers gift guide

One of the most important elements of endurance riding is nutrition – what you put in your body matters. If you are looking for a different way to take in calories, get a quick boost, and hydrate at the same time – Tailwind Nutrition out of Durango, Colorado is worthy of your consideration. No fillers, no artificial junk. MSRP: starting at $34.99 for bulk (50 servings) or $11.35 for a five pack of individual servings    

Kate’s Real Food Barsbikepackers gift guide

Kate’s provides real food for real energy. Not only are their bars unbelievably delicious, but they pack a punch with as high as 360 calories per bar (depending on flavor), and include organic ingredients such as organic oats, organic honey, organic peanut butter, organic dried bananas, organic dried apricots, and much more. These bars would make a perfect stocking stuffer! MSRP: starting at $32.99 for a dozen, $17.45 for a 5 pack mixer.    
bikepackers gift guide
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Food Dehydrator

Be healthy and eat home cooked food while on the trail! A dehydrator is the perfect gift unique for your loved one who travels a lot by bike. You are able to pre-make just about anything, including soups, pasta meals, casseroles, etc, and re-hydrate on the trail. Dehydrators are also great for making dried fruits, jerky and other nutritious snacks. Price: Starting as low as $40.00 on Amazon, can be purchased at various stores.      

ProBar Bolt Chewsbikepackers gift guide

Some people prefer gummies or chews over energy goo, and I am one of them. The ProBar Bolt chews are organic and gluten free and are packed with electrolytes, B vitamins and complex carbs for sustained energy. It is a quick and delicious way to fuel up on the trail. MSRP: $29.88 for a 12 pack.    


Exposure Diablo MK7bikepackers gift guide

The Diablo Exposure is a light weight, bright and functional bike light for both the helmet or bars. At 1300 lumens max, it gives off an extremely bright and wide light for the fastest descents. Don’t need a light that bright? The Tap Activated Power allows a quick tap to change to a lower lumen setting. The Diablo allows for many different lumen combinations, including a setting that will illuminate for 24 hours before needing to be recharged. The light has been tested on the Tour Divide and sub zero temps and is a great overall lamp. MSRP: $250.00  

Klite Bikepacker Probikepackers gift guide

Dynamo light systems have become more popular, and Klite has proven to be a worthy consideration. Klite offers customization and versatility with their lights. The Bikepacker Pro peaks on high at 1000 lumens and has a low setting that peaks at 600 lumens. The system allows you to charge devices via USB during the day light and then with a flip of a switch illuminates for night ridinf. If your are looking to save money on batteries and want a way to charge your devices, lights, or cameras while in the field, the Bikepacker Pro is for you! MSRP: $255.00  

Anker 2nd Gen Astro2 9600mAh External Batterybikepackers gift guide

There are many cache battery options on the market and varying price points, but choosing one from a reputable company is important. Anker has a reputation for making great external batteries. The Astro 9600mAh has two USB ports and a mini USB charging port to recharge the battery. It is lightweight, works seamlessly with dynamo hubs, and has the ability to charge an iPhone 5s over four times, or a larger capacity phone two and a half times. Comes in both black and white. MSRP: $29.99  
bikepackers gift guide
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Sony A6000 Camera

One of the best parts of bikepacking is capturing the moments on your trip. Many of you use a phone or a point and shoot, and that’s perfect. But recently, camera technology has come a long way with the Micro 4/3rds / mirrorless cameras. These cameras are more compact, and prove to take just as good of quality as an SLR camera. While we have only used the A6000, it can be said that many mirrorless cameras are a great choice for bikepackers. There are cheaper mirrorless options on the market MSRP: $649.99    

Silk Sprint Mini 2 Tripodbikepackers gift guide

While it may not be the lightest tripod out there, the versatility alone is worth mentioning. This is a mini tripod that can easily work as your everyday tripod, or attached to your downtube for bikepacking use. Silk makes tripods and only tripods, it is a brand you can trust. For a smaller tripod check out their compact series. MSRP: $79.95    

SKS Air Checker Duo Headbikepackers gift guide

This digital PSI gauge will be your new best friend. Bring it on your fat bike rides when you want to check your pressure on varying terrain, as it reaches down as low as 3 psi, or dial in your exact PSI quickly and easily before every ride. This device can be easily switched back and fourth from using bar or PSI. MSRP: $23.00



bikepackers gift guide
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Shredly Multi-Sport Shorts

For the perfect comfort and style while shredding any type of terrain, Shredly has your back. The Mult-Sport Short is our favorite cut, and it comes in a variety of unique and adventurous patterns. These shorts may be paired with your favorite chamois for ultimate comfort on and off the bike. Fit true to size. Made in the heart of the Colorado rockies. MSRP: $85.00        
bikepackers gift guide
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ALP-X 2.0 GORE-TEX® Active Jacket

Rain Jackets are not important in every region, but certainly something that everyone should have in their repertoire. The Gore Alp-X has ventilation, extreme water resistance, and can also act as a fantastic wind barrier. In addition, the jacket has a number of neat accessory features that make it versatile. While it may not be the lightest jacket available, it will keep the elements out. MSRP: $279.99          
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ALP-X 2.0 Bibtights Short

Like a saddle, bibs are personal preference. The Gore Alp-X Bibtights help hold the chamois in position and ensure maximum breath-ability.  The Alp-x is Gore’s long distance bib has excellent chaffing protection, and is designed to reduce wear near your seat bones. MSRP: $189.99        
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45North Wolvhammer

Cold feet are a thing of the past with 45NRTH’s line of fat bike specific cycling shoes. The Wolvhammer will keep you warm in temps as low as 0 – 25 degrees F. These shoes are insulated with Primaloft and are designed to keep the wet weather out, and the warmth in. Although the price is steep, it is everything you will need for winter riding – whether you are commuting or competing. MSRP: $325.00      

5.10 Kestrel22 Shoes

The FiveTen Kestrel is a well-rounded cycling shoe that is good for day rides as well as bikepacking. These are some of the most stiff cycling shoes we have seen, yet they have excellent traction for hike-a-bike. With their carbon-infused shank, these have been designed to transfer power to the pedal more efficiently than ever. MSRP: $143.92          
bikepackers gift guide
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Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down

The Terrex line by Adidas is full of products made specifically for active adventurers. Their Climaheat Agravic Down hoodie is extremely warm, packable, lightweight, and comfortable. While I may not wear this riding during the summer months, it has proven to be an irreplaceable down layer for high alpine or chilly desert nights. This would be a go-to winter ultra jacket! MSRP: $395.00 women – $425.00 men        
bikepackers gift guide
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Patagonia Nano Air

We love the Patagonia Nano Air and Nano Air Hoody, and no, it’s not down. The Nano Air comes with Patagonia’s FullRange insulation, that is very warm and breathable. The Nano Air is also coated with a DWR on the ripstop nylon, to keep the weather out. We find ourselves wearing this jacket in all conditions – from indoors to outside on a cold fat bike ride. It is a one jacket quiver that is worth every penny. MSRP: $299.00 With Hood $249.00 No Hood        
bikepackers gift guide
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Giro Feather Helmet

The Giro Feather features more coverage than a traditional cross country MTB helmet, yet provides a comfortable and breathable feel. With 12 strategically placed vents, and a one-handed fit closure system in the back, this helmet will provide a snug fit to keep your melon safe while in the backcountry. All of that for a reasonable price. MSRP: $75.00    

Rudy Project Noyz Photochromatic (Impactx2) SunglassesScreen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.52.48 PM

When carrying extra lenses gets annoying, or when you ride in the golden hour or at night, it’s important to have clear vision. Rudy’s ImpactX-2 Photocromatic technology will adapt to the sounding light conditions wherever you are. The technology gives these lenses a light transmission ratio of 9 percent to 74 percent. They also come with a standard Rudy Project adjustable nose and temple pieces to fit any face. These have proven to be great mountain bike shades for all riding and weather conditions. MSRP: Sale $178.74  

Camping Gear

Mont Bell Breez Dry-Tec U.L. Sleeping Bag Coverbikepacking gift guide

We have said it before, not much beats sleeping under the stars. While a bivvy sac is not the best option in some climates, it has its advantages in others. These advantages include compact weight and pack size. The Montbell Breez Dry is a great choice, and one of the best breathing bivvys on the market. The simple zipper free, 6.3 oz bivvy comes with a draw cord to tighten down around your head. The bivvy also comes in a wide and long size. MSRP: $125.00 wide and long: $165.00    

Nemo Tango Solo Quiltbikepacking gift guide

The Tango Solo Down Comforter is a backless down sleeping bag with a removable hood system. This bag is what NEMO calls “the mummy killer.” The Tango Solo has slips on the bottom and the top to hold the pad in place. It will integrate with any 20 or 25 inch sleeping pad. This bag is roomy, light, and extremely packable. MSRP: $299.95      

Big Agnes Insulated Core 3/4bikepackers gift guide

It’s not easy finding a pad that is comfortable, durable, warm and packs well. We have found the best compromise to those 4 adjectives. The Insulated Air Core is 3.25″ thick, has a temperature rating of 15* with a Primaloft insulation and sleeps well at high or low pressure. The 3/4s length is a great alternative to save some extra weight, and it packs perfectly in your saddle bag around your bivvy and sleeping bag. MSRP: $79.95        

KOVEA Spider Stovebikepacking gift guide

The Spider Stove from Kovea is a perfect bikepackers stove – it is light weight, packs well, and has the ability to hold large or small volume pots or mugs. It has also proved to be very easy and safe to adjust, especially with gloves on. At the price point it is a pretty great stove for what you get. MSRP: $65



Cane Creek Ergogrip IIbikepacking gift guide

Many of you have experienced a form of numbness in your hands do to long hours leaning over the bars. One thing that prevents this is multiple hand positions. For many, bar ends are a thing of the past, but for the bikepacking application, they are just another way to prevent hand numbness. The Cane Creek Ergogrips are extremely easy to install, soft to the touch, and ergonomic. A simple and logical product for bikepackers. Unfortunately Cane Creek discontinued this product, but you can still find it online, get them while you can. MSRP: $55.49  

Ce Unik Pogiesbikepacking gift guide

Something as simple as cold hands could turn an excellent riding experience into a struggle. Pogies are the perfect solution to this unfortunate situation. CE UNIK, pronounced “see-unique,” is a cool company out of Canada that is dishing out three different varieties of pogies. We recommend the Voyaguer pogie, which is their expedition version that comes with a gator around the cuff to keep the warm air in, but allowing for a quick exit if need be. The Voyaguer has a temperature rating of -20 degrees F. MSRP: $115.00  

Siren Cycles Fred Bar fredbarfeature-9819

Need a more upright setup with your aero bars or space on your handlebars for bags and lights? Then consider the Fred Bar. This strong aluminum accessory is perfect for anyone taking on a route that has plenty of forest roads such as the Tour Divide, or if you just need the extra comfort on your next overnighter. And who doesn’t love a product made in the USA. MSRP: $90.00


Bar YakPA090035

A unique bikepacking bag accessory that is meant to take the pressure off brake and shifter cables while giving you more space for extras. This front rack-like system is great for when you are carrying a -20 degree sleeping bag on a winter ultra, or just need that extra space. It also has proved to add much needed space around your cockpit for things like GPS, lights, or your Spot device. MSRP: $175 With Bar ends $225    

bikepacking gift guideRevelate Design Washboard Strap

These stretchy polyurethane straps are useful for attaching just about anything to your bikepacking rig – including bottles, fly rods, tent poles, etc. The material creates a non-slip secure attachment. Having these with you in the backcountry could help prevent a ride-ending gear failure by using the strap as a replacement for a broken buckle on a handlebar bag, seat bag, or frame bag. Overall useful, and would make for a perfect stocking stuffer! MSRP: $9.00        

45NRTH Dillinger 5Dillinger

This do-it-all fat bike tire has the ability to float on top of soft powder, yet corner like a dream on hard pack. The tread pattern allows you to roll fast, but still track really well when you need it. You may choose to purchase the studded or non-studded version depending on the terrain you plan to ride on. MSRP: $250.00 for studded or $175.00 studdless  

King Cage Top Cap Mountbikepacking gift guide

This piece of equipment is small but mighty. For bikepackers who use full frame bags, or do not have space for a bottle cage on their frame, this is a great alternative – and keeps your water within even closer reach. It connects directly to your top cap, and is more sturdy than you would think. MSRP: $8.00    

bikepacking gift guideInspired To Ride

Inspired to Ride is a new cycling documentary that covers the first annual Trans Am Bike Race. The race travels from Oregon to Virginia, covering 4,233 miles over 10 states, all on two wheels with no support. MSRP: $29.99 – to redeem 15% off of your order, enter code BIKEPACKERSMAG (expires 12/21/15, valid on t-shirts, posters, and bundles at this link.)      

ryan correyA Ridden Purpose by Ryan Correy

A book about the struggles and rewards of racing, whether it is cross country, Race Across America or The Tour Divide. Such as life, it was not all sunshine and rainbows for Ryan Correy, including an interesting relationship with his father. If you are looking to be inspired and motivated, Ryan’s books is worth a read. MSRP: $25.00

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