In 2007 Stefan Griebel decided to ride his bike on the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. Nine other riders decided to join him and the Colorado Trail Race was born. Pro athlete, Allison Gannett, followed the riders on course and captured history in the making. Last year, nearly 80 riders set out to ride the route in the opposite direction – from Durango to Denver. In six days, racers will line up for the group start in Denver heading southwest to finish in Durango. Watch the video clips below for a look at the first ever Colorado Trail Race. 2007 Colorado Trail Race Start Jefe Branham – 1st 5:05:30 Stefan Griebel – 2nd 5:05:50 Ethan Passant – 3rd 6:00:17 Jason Trimm – 4th 6:04:51 Matthew Lee – 6th 7:05:15

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