142 Miles From Monday is a film about stepping away from the 9-5 lifestyle, the benefits of scaring yourself, and about connecting with nature to find meaning in everyday life. The film follows three mountain bikers riding the legendary Kokopelli Trail in the high mountain desert; a place they’ll find is often unpredictable and unforgiving, but one that reveals lessons for those who explore its lonely landscapes.

For more background on the story and the production of this short film, head over Here.

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  1. Nicely done video. Thoughtful, too. What was said about not being so overwhelmed by the minutia of our daily lives is a good point. Thinking about the past a lot, or anticipating the future incessantly, you can end up missing your life. The Now. The Past, or the Future, are just thoughts occurring Now. It’s so, so easy to miss that. Perpetually lost in thought is the best way to miss one’s life by constant distraction. When I mountain bike or bike pack, there is a kind of ‘meditative’ quality at work. In such contexts, much of the distractions we normally are immersed in are shed by the necessity of paying attention more closely to the Now. The bike; the trail; the sky; the sunlight; the trees; the sound of a bird; clouds; stars; the crackle of a campfire; the taste of simple, unadorned food. All of this really is our life. What’s the alternative? What else is there? Thanks again for a great video.

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